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Adventures in TV Pilots: Minority Report

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 2015 Sep 23

Today’s second pilot is the show Minority Report.

After getting 15 minutes into the pilot for Minority Report (which I only recently found out was a thing), two things are immediately pretty obvious:
1) This show is kinda bland. The future seen in the movie should be amazing but the TV budget has made it pretty lifeless.
2) Wilmer Valderrama can’t act.

The show’s premise is (not a spoiler because 1) this is all in the trailer and 2) it’s also in the first 3 minutes of the show) that one of the male “precogs” from the movie is seeing flashes of future crimes so he wants to try to stop them but isn’t having much luck because without the 3 precogs being linked together, his margin of error is pretty high.

Now, as an example of how completely self-unaware the show is, at one point the precog dude blurts out something about a future event as an insult to someone he and his cop "partner" are talking to.
Since no one but his partner knows what he is and the information is of no use other than for her to ask if he can see that far into the future (he can’t), it’s pretty obvious it was done purely to amuse the audience.
Sure, the man had just unknowingly insulted him by speaking poorly of the precogs, but because the guy doesn’t know he’s a precog, the "future-based insult" is completely meaningless, wasn’t said for his partner’s benefit, and he himself knows predicting it is beyond his abilities.
It was done for a cheap laugh and is a sure sign of weak writing.

I’ll give it the usual 7 episode benefit of the doubt, but I’ll be surprised if this one lasts that long.
Also, Fox tried the whole near-future sci-fi cop show a couple of years ago.
It was called Almost Human and it was infinitely better than this.
It lasted 13 episodes.


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