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Adventures in TV Pilots: The Muppets

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 2015 Sep 22

A new TV season means a new batch of shows to check out.
I’ve decided to start with The Muppets because 1) I loved the original Muppet Show and 2) some upright, uptight citizens group opposes it.

For my money, any show that is opposed by some sort of Million Moms or Family Council organization is automatically worth watching and, once again, I was proven right.

For me, this was just like watching The Muppet Show as a kid except that it’s been written for me as an adult.
There’s all sorts of subversive humor thrown in that little kids won’t understand but their parents will.

The premise for this particular incarnation is that they’re doing a late night talk show on TV (thus justifying the celebrity human guest du jour) but they’re also being filmed by a documentary crew a la The Office so we get to see all the stuff that happens outside the talk show.

There was one particular exchange early in the show that sold me on it:
Kermit: (to Dr. Teeth) Well, we have meetings every morning. You’re in one right now.
Zoot: Huh? This is a meeting? Oh. (stands up) I’m Zoot and I’m…
Floyd: (whispers) Different meeting.
Zoot: Oh. (sits back down)

It was followed closely by a discussion about how the word "gesticulate" needed to be removed from the script because shaky hands is the "first step to making babies."

So if they can keep up the muppet craziness and sly humor without giving in and turning it into strictly a kids show, I expect to enjoy it.
However, I don’t expect it to succeed unless they move it to a more family friendly time slot.
I predict that *IF* it survives, it’ll end up on the weekend.


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