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Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 2015 Sep 16

Signs your superhero movie sucks: It takes 45 minutes for the first interesting thing to happen.
Then again, that’s pretty much true of any movie.

Seriously, it was 83 minutes into a 93 minute film before the Fantastic Four grouped up to fight the bad guy.
It’s not even as a ‘team" but more like "we’re partly responsible for this bad thing that happened and since we’re the only people here that are still alive, we may as well go for it."

Then we’re done with our epic superhero battle by the 90 minute mark.
At 92 minutes we do the whole "we need a name" bit and at 93 minutes, the credits roll.

For as weak as the original FF movie was, it was infinitely better than this one.
I’m officially rating this movie lower than Pixels.


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