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Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 2014 Feb 01

Why is it that this weekend, everyone I speak to seems to try to initiate small talk by asking me a question about the Super Bowl and my viewing plans for it?

I mean, there’s really nothing about me anywhere that would indicate that I give a rat’s ass about sports.

So then why do they seem surprised at my reaction when I tell them I will not only not be watching it but am also beyond uninterested in either the gameplay or the outcome of it.

In the past I have been mildly interested in the commercials (one year going so far as to take the feed as it came down and edit the game out from between them), but now that you can watch them all online before AND after they air, who cares?

This all started with the apartment manager asking when I went to pay my rent.

He honestly seemed at a loss that someone actually didn’t care about the game.
He was not the only person I had this same exchange with today.

Apparently being in a hardware store is a manly thing to do and manly men discuss Super Bowls in hardware stores.

Nope, I just wanted to buy some bolts for my headboard because the ones on it right now are too short and can’t be properly tightened and I’m tired of waking up in the middle of the night because my bed is squeaking, not because I care about millionaires getting physical with each other while other millionaires get richer.

Now, most of the time when I order pizza, I usually get a 2-pizza deal. I like cold pizza and that gives me one to eat today and another to eat tomorrow.

So when the pizza dude brings me my stack of boxes and asks me if I’m gettin’ ready for some football, I suppress the urge to beat him to death with soggy cardboard and just tell him “yes”

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