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Legacy 50

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 2013 Dec 13


It was exactly 2 years ago today that I started playing SWTOR (post-beta) and I have finally hit Legacy 50.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I fished up a thread on my old SWG guild forums where I had posted my early likes and dislikes about the game (before I had any idea about what I was doing) and now I’d like to share my stream-of-consciousness ramblings with you.

It was fun for me to look back and compare my very first impressions of the game with those of today.

I don’t like:
– Learning curve. You get it with every new game and it’s not hard, but there’s a LOT of stuff and it kind of feels like they expect me to learn it on my own and I’m just SOL if I don’t pay close enough attention when the help bubble pops up the first time I encounter something. Fortunately, everything seems to have a tooltip.

– Chat interface. I’m sure once I’ve customized it, it’ll be better but I find the default chat difficult to keep up with because of the way it’s presented.

– Mini-map overload. So much data. This is another thing I think will get better once I get a feel for how everything interconnects.

What I do like:
– No giant walls of quest text. DCUO was great in that you didn’t have to read your quest objectives. You essentially got a briefing en-route to your destination.

– Quest dialogue that matters. I’m not sure how much it matters, but at least I’ve got some options for how to progress when talking to the quest givers.

– Cutscenes. Finally quest interaction is more than just clicking on an NPC and taking the quest. It may, however, get annoying if they prove unskippable after I’ve seen them eleventy different times with alts.

What I’m on the fence about:
– Instanced story quest progression. It’s a cool concept and solves a lot of problems in giving the single-player experience in an multi-player environment but I don’t like the big red/green doors and the way players appear/disappear through them. This is mostly an aesthetic complaint so maybe they’ll come up with something that looks better eventually.

– In video terminology, their mission cutscenes have some bad edits in them. If you were recording a dialogue between two characters, you would not cut it together like this. Maybe the average gamer won’t be bothered by this but it bothers me.

Like (so far):
– The combat system makes me feel pretty heroic. So far I don’t feel like I’m just slaughtering rats and even at lvl 5, I feel like I’m kicking ***.

– Death animations. It’s nice to see the MOBs do more than just fall over and stop moving.

– Saw my first quest where my dialogue responses appear to have actually made a difference in the way things played out. I talked my way out of the situation rather instead of shooting.

– In typical MMO fashion, there’s a lot of walking back and forth. There seems to be a WoW-like transit system that you unlock as you discover it but all this running through the wilderness seems out of place in a sci-fi setting.

– The lack of swimming. Even SWG’s lame ‘tread water’ bit is better than this. They’ve followed the STO model of just not having water that’s so deep you can’t stand up in it. I suppose I’ve been forever ruined by Rift’s awesome swimming.

– I’ve really just discovered it but the weapon upgrade system looks pretty cool.

– The ever-increasing cooldown timer for being revived where you died to avoid the respawn and long walk back from the med center, especially when you get revived in a dangerous area and can’t get to safety before your invulnerability timer runs out.

– How the quest “Deadly Delivery” seems less about what I’m delivering and more about how many times I die while doing it.

– Companions from the same quest line all have the same name. So now there’s a bunch of people running around the place with a henchman named Corso Riggs.

– Clothing details such as buckles and pouches on the models look like they’re just a rubberized decal rather than an actual item of clothing since they bend and stretch as the model animates.

– The loading screen text changes to summarize what’s going on with my story.

– I hate it when games don’t want me to have a last name. I don’t wish to be known as “Captain Geoffrey” because that just sounds lame. They didn’t call him “Captain Han” did they? No. I think STO has the best implementation of this because it lets you determine which name the game uses to address you.

– I don’t know if it randomizes them or if they’re static but shuffled, but the conversation responses in quests aren’t always stacked Good/Neutral/Evil so you usually have to put a little thought into which button you press.
Conversely, it isn’t always clear exactly which morality you’re choosing based on the choices that are given.

– The longest available male hair isn’t very long.
– There is no tattoo-less Zabrak face.
– Zabrak hairstyles are pretty lame.

– Separate container for mission items so they don’t take up inventory space.

– The slight delay before the “this corpse has loot” indicator appears because you have to break your ‘run & gun’ stride to wait for it. On the other hand, the indicator itself is very cool.

– Area loot. It’s an option you can activate that will loot all corpses in the area when you click, not just the one you clicked on. Very convenient.

– The area map is very comprehensive and includes more than just walls. You can actually walk around an area pretty well with nothing but your map visible.

– The ‘kick in the crotch’ and ‘bash on head with pistol’ combat animations (especially when used together) are outstanding.

– Enemies die when your grenades knock them off a high ledge.

– Alien voiceovers are done in the appropriate language and you have to read the subtitles.

– Even though I hate the big red/green barriers (as mentioned above), it’s nice that they keep me from wasting time exploring an area that has nothing for me in it.

Like: (sort of)
– I have discovered that the spacebar will let me jump through the quest cutscenes. Not the whole thing, but at least multiple presses will let me skip forward to the “make your choice” option quickly. Hopefully they’ll patch it at some point to skip all the way through it.

– During your open-world quest cutscenes, you don’t see other players around you. This makes the experience more personal and you don’t have to deal with LuuuuuukkkeeSkeyewalllkurrr humping your questgiver while you’re trying to enjoy the game.

– While WoW requires lots of addons to give you all sorts of quest tracking assistance, it’s built into this game.

– Cool things during combat. I threw a sticky bomb at an enemy. My companion shot his grappling hook at him and pulled him over to us. I shot him in mid air, detonating the sticky bomb. The enemy died in a large fireball and went flying across the room.

– Companion appearance items. At least it’s possible for the thousands of different Corso Riggs’ to look different. Being able to turn off other players’ companion’s names also helps hide the fact that we’re all walking around with the same NPC.

– The “affection” stat for companions. I know it’s just a number relating to how well my companions agree with my actions, but it creeps me out when it tells me my henchman’s affection for me has increased. Surely they could have come up with a better name.

– Weekend beta is over.

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