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Take Your Money and Go

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 2013 Nov 29

I’m not sure what to make of my Papa John’s delivery person.
After I signed the credit card receipt and he handed over my pizza, he thanked me for my order and wished me a happy Thanksgiving and then it felt like he was lingering a little bit waiting for a tip.
It was very subtle, but all the drivers I used to deal with in Houston completed the transaction and turned and walked away.
It was like he was taking his time to disengage just in case I wanted to reach in my pocket and whip out some money.

Now, given the fact that Papa John’s lets you include a tip as part of your online transaction, I just do it there because it saves the need to do math at the front door.
Also, given the fact that this is probably the most common way they get their tips, it’s reasonable to expect that the drivers are aware of it and can actually see if/what you tipped them before they get to your door.

Furthermore, I tipped $5 on a $7.50 order (including tax and delivery fee).
Yeah, that’s right… a 67% tip. 125% if you only count the cost of the food itself.
1) I almost always tip these guys $5.
2) I was cashing in points and got a free pizza so my actual order would have been $14 (plus delivery/tax) under normal circumstances.

So even at full price, my tip was MORE than generous.

I’m not sure what to make of it.
Like I said, it was *VERY* subtle but he was either lingering just a little bit for some cash or hoping I’d invite him in to split the pizza.

The only other time I’ve experienced lingering of this nature was a few years ago at Fan Faire when the hotel valet brought my car around and I handed him the ticket thinking he needed it.
I fully intended to follow that up with some cash but apparently he decided this indicated that he wasn’t going to get any so he turned and walked away before I could reach back in my wallet for money.

Someone should write a book on proper tipping methodology because clearly I suck at it and almost always over-tip as a way of compensating for the fact that I really don’t know what I’m doing in the hope that these people will be too distracted by the extra cash to think I’m an idiot.

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