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Worst Smugglers Ever

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 2013 Jun 08

So it’s 5am and due to a lack of anything but infomercials on TV, I’m watching some sort of “world’s wildest police videos” type program.
The clip they just showed was of a traffic stop where the cop asked for permission to search the driver’s car.

If you have drugs or other illegal things in your car, why would you say yes?
Do you think that maybe they’ll look in the front seat and possibly the glove compartment and then let you go without checking the trunk to find the 45 pounds of marijuana you have stashed back there?


Sure, they can take steps to search without your permission but at that point they need probable cause and a simple denial isn’t enough to give it.
So if they want the search and you know you’re guilty, at least make ’em work for it.

The officer was very clear as he explained how there was a problem with narcotics smuggling through that area and that he was not accusing the driver of anything.
He made sure the driver knew that he was responsible for anything found in the car and then asked for permission to search the vehicle.

The dude said yes.

So his two friends get out and the three of them stand off to the side while the cop looks through the car but when he gets to the trunk, they suddenly decide that they’d like to revoke the permission to search.

Gee, that’s not the least bit suspicious.

Now, I won’t pretend to know the finer points of Fourth Amendment law, so I don’t know if he’d be required to stop his search at this point or not.
The cop may or may not have been clear on it either but he did the smart thing and called for a drug dog.

What’s that Fido?
You smell drugs inside this car that we haven’t been given permission to search?
Well I suppose we’ve got probable cause to pop the trunk and take a look now, don’t we.

See, if I were gonna be a drug smuggler (or other transporter of contraband), my vehicle would be in top condition and I’d obey all the traffic laws.
I’d hate to think that I was responsible for the collapse of a multi-million dollar drug trafficking operation just because I was driving 10 miles over the speed limit.


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