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A Case of Altsheimer’s

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 2013 Jan 22

I finally finished chapter 1 on my Trooper last week so I’ve really just had him in maintenance mode for a few days; sort of milling around, gearing up, and doing all the interlude stuff while I played other characters, moved inventory around, and upgraded alts.

So Tuesday morning I had some extra time to play and I’m ready to send him off on his next adventure.
Quest journal says Tatooine so that’s where I’m headed next.

The first thing I notice that’s odd is that none of the usual quest givers seem to be offering quests.
It’s been awhile since I ran my Smuggler through Tatooine so maybe I’m remembering the layout wrong.

Anyway, I’ll go to the cantina to grab the bind point and the quests that are in the basement and hope they aren’t bugged too.
On my way there as I’m puzzling over the lack of quest givers, I notice that I’m level 34.

That’s strange… all that rest XP and XP boosts appear to have paid off.
Wow! I’m gonna be seriously over-leveled for this planet.

I get to the cantina and the only NPC offering anything is a heroic and I don’t want to do that.
This really is strange.
Maybe my high level means that they won’t talk to me.

Oh well, let me go find my mission and get this planet started.
My class story will keep me pointed along the proper path so even without the side quests, I’ll still be able to function.

Oops, forgot the bind point… let me run back in and get it.
Strange that it doesn’t have the "undiscovered" symbol over it but maybe this is the one that it automatically gives you when you land.

Whatever, it’s time to be off.

So I head to the taxi and it’s the damndest thing… I’ve already got all the taxi routes unlocked.
When I land at the next site, I check my map and a very large portion of the map is unlocked as well.

Maybe I’m so over-leveled that it unlocked all of this stuff for me and that’s why I can’t get any quests except my class quest and the daily heroics.

Hooray! I’ve solved the mystery!

Now let me get back on the taxi and head toward my objective that’s over in the bonus series part of the map…

It was at this point I realized that I’m not seeing the benefit of some new feature but rather that I am, in fact, losing my mind.

You may recall this line from the top of the page:
I finally finished chapter 1 on my Trooper last week”

I’ve been flipping characters so much lately that I’ve completely lost track of who’s done what.
It might be time for a break.

Notes for the Uninitiated:
In SWTOR, your class story progresses through a series of planets.
Once you’re finished with one, you’re sent onto the next.
However, in between planets, you may be sent to other places (frequently to places you’ve already been) to flesh out the story before you’re moved onto the next planet.

For Republic classes, Tatooine usually falls in your mid-to-late 20’s and is followed by Alderaan.
Finishing Alderaan marks the end of Chapter 1 and you’ll be in the mid 30’s at this point.

There’s a lot of running around to get Chapter 2 started and that took me back to a planet I’d already completed.
Unfortunately I’ve been playing so many different characters over the past month that I’ve lost track of who’s done what and thought it was the first time this particular character had been there.
That explains why nobody would give him quests and most of the planet had been explored.

It took me a good 5 minutes to realize this.


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