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A Note on Situational Imperial Loyalty

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 2012 Dec 31

As we’ve seen, Imperials tend to be stupidly loyal.
When confronted with an unstoppable killing machine with bodies piled up behind me as far as the eye can see, Imperials continue to believe that they will be the one who will finally halt my forward progress despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
This makes the encounter I just had with a particular Imperial Major somewhat perplexing.

The scene: Two heavily armed and armored Republic Commandos casually walk into a secret Imperial listening post where the Major, a guard, and two techs are working.

Guard: Sir! Intruders!
Major: WTF!!?! Drop your weapons or we’ll kill you.
Me: Whoa there… I’m not here to fight, just tell me what I want to know.
Major: You can ask your questions from jail. Now, drop your weapons.
Me: Dude, seriously, just tell me where the droid I’m looking for is and I’ll be on my way.
Major: Seize them!

Guy I’m Chasing (via Holo-call): Hello, Major, we’re ready to… WTF is that guy doing here??!?
Major: Shut up, can’t you see I’m busy?
Me (to guy on the phone): Is that any way to let your new bosses treat you?
Guy: Pfft… Those guys are just a means to an end. Have fun killing them.
Major: Don’t be ridiculous. We’ll handle this.
Guy: No, you’re about to die and then he’ll be coming after me. Goodbye. (disconnects)

Major: That disrespectful SOB…
Me: Look, just tell me where the droid is and I’m outta here.
Major: Are you nuts? That guy may be a scumbag but he’s vital to the Empire’s plans and I won’t let you stop him.
Me: He can’t be trusted.
Major: You have convinced me. Here’s the information you wanted.
Me: Tell me why the thing he’s working on is so important.
Major: No problem.  Also, shoot him once for me.

Note to future Imperial allies: Always be polite to the mid-level functionaries lest they toss you to the wolves and, in the process, bring about the failure of a project that could have turned the tide of battle in their favor.


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