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Lady, Your Child is a Moron

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 2012 Aug 23

Have you seen that Totino’s Pizza Rolls commercial where the kid calls his mother because he wants a snack?


I’m not sure exactly which thing bothers me more:

1) The child, who is old enough to be home alone with a friend, is unable to scavenge for food.

2) The child is not bright enough to see Ice Cream and Pizza Rolls that are right in front of his face, either of which would satisfy the need for junk food.

3) The child must be given specific directions for searching the FIVE items that are less than 6 inches from the end of his nose, one of which is a bright yellow color.

4) The child leaves the phone in the freezer.

5) The child appears to walk away without closing the freezer. It looks like he closed it off-camera but, given his track record, it is more likely that it slowly closed on its own.

6) Did this child with the mental capacity of a turnip manage to heat the Pizza Rolls or are they simply eating them frozen?

6a) Did he have to call his mother for detailed instructions for operating the microwave?

7) Did the ad agency seriously think this ad through or are they just trolling people like me?


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