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Late Night Grocery Shopping

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 2012 Mar 24

Dear small woman who helped me at the Kroger self-serv checkout tonight:

While it was nice of you to scan my drinks so I didn’t have to take them out of the cart, rearrange my bags on the bagging carousel so I could fit more things on it, and open up some more empty bags for me even though I was doing just fine all by myself, all I really needed you to do was hit the reset button so that the machine that didn’t seem to think my lettuce weighed what it should and, therefore, wanted you to make sure I wasn’t stealing something, and then let me continue scanning and pay for my groceries and go home.

I do, nevertheless, appreciate that you care about your job and want to provide good service.


Also, even though I was quite willing to work through the picture menus on my own, I’m not sure whether I should be frightened or impressed that you seem to know all the direct entry codes for the produce I was buying.


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