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World Boss: Class is in Session

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 2012 Mar 08

A couple of days ago while I was running around clearing out some old low-level quests I started wondering if I could solo the World Boss on Coruscant.

I mean, sure he’s got 200k health but I’m lvl 50 and he’s only a lvl 18 champion.
It would follow the standard pattern of how I beat down the low-end mobs… I’ll beat on them for awhile and whittle away their health as they flail impotently at me.

He wouldn’t aggro me because of our level difference so I didn’t even bother to stealth and sneak into backstab position.
I just walked up behind him and stabbed him.
Then I followed up with the telekinetic beatdown.
I was feeling pretty good about myself at this point because my two opening attacks had knocked 2% of his health off.
At this rate, it wasn’t gonna take as long as I’d thought to kill him.

Then he made a droid noise that I figured was probably the smack talk that most high-end NPC’s say but since I can’t understand it, I didn’t pay much attention to it.
However, just out of curiosity, after the fight I checked the chat tab I have that’s dedicated to NPC chatter for a translation.

It seems that he said, “Here’s your ass. I see that you’ve dropped it.”

How the fight went:
Me: Backstab! Mob Health = 99%
Me: TK Throw! Mob Health = 98%
Mob: Smackdown! My Health = 56%
Me: WTF! Mob Health = 97%
Mob: Bazinga!
Me: Should I revive here or back in the med center?

Even with a group, how would you fight something that can do this kind of damage?
I was discussing this with a friend as I was lying there dead and the prevailing theory is that the damage is divided between your group.

The more I thought about it, I realized that was quite an ingenious way to handle it.
It keeps high level people like me from soloing it while still making it possible for a large group of low-levels.
So what I really need in order to pull it off is a large group of meat shields because I’d hardly feel that that 6k attack if it was split between a bunch of people.


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