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SWTOR Needs Credits for Closure

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 2012 Feb 27

I found it somewhat anticlimactic that once the big finale cinematic for my storyline played out that it was not immediately followed by credits for the game.
The movies do this, The Force Unleashed (among other games) did this, and given its cinematic nature, why doesn’t SWTOR do this?
Sure, they should be skippable but I was really disappointed that it didn’t happen.

The game started with the iconic roll, it should have ended with the equally iconic credit fanfare.

As some would point out, since it’s an MMO, BioWare might not want players to feel like the game is over and end their subscription.
I say that’s when they could throw in a Ferris Bueller ending… “You’re still here? Well, in that case, here’s some more stuff for you to do.

It’s not like a galaxy-spanning empire is just gonna give up because you killed one guy.

Sure it’s a risk, but it would have added to the immersion factor.
Besides, everyone knows that Star Wars is all about sequels, prequels, re-releases, re-re-releases, and generally anything that can be done to separate you from your money.

Also, if you’re playing an MMO and think it’s over just because there were credits, you’re probably not well suited to be dabbling in the genre anyway.


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