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Where Do These People Come From?

Posted by Rankyn Phyle on 2012 Feb 24

Why is it that the sex-bots seem to latch onto every low-level character I bring through the quest hubs?

I try to be polite and play along with the RP inasmuch as I can deflect their overt advances, but is there something about me that screams, “Talk to me because I look like the type of person that might actually be fooled into believing you’re female” or do these people just cast their net and see what they bring in?

Just now, for instance, someone made a silly remark in general chat.
I replied with an equally goofy remark because that’s what I do.
The next thing I know, “she” tells me I should talk to her “sister” because we’d probably get along.
Then “she” logs onto “her” alt and proceeds to do the whole “shy with a hint of naughty” thing, hoping I’ll bite.

I don’t, and I’m not sure why these people don’t give up because I tend to play it needlessly obtuse throughout the conversation.
In fact, I’m VERY sleepy right now and I’m honestly not sure everything I said was entirely coherent and yet “she” continues trying to wear me down.
I’ve even been invited to come watch “her sister” dance at the cantina this weekend.

Maybe I just need to put on my robe and my wizard hat and be done with it.


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